Run by noted collector, curator and philanthropist Tim Nye, Nyehaus will create a context for the critical and in-depth exploration of work by important contemporary artists, predominantly those in mid-career. Nyehaus will collaborate with artists and their dealers to bring together work that has already garnered some critical attention but has yet to be presented in a focused gallery exhibition. In addition, Nyehaus will commission new work by artists in order to expand and enliven the dialogue within an artist’s oeuvre. Nyehaus exhibitions will be accompanied by substantial publications and supporting events.

Nyehaus’ first exhibition venue was located in The National Arts Club for close to five years. The rich cultural and architectural history of The National Arts Club, headquartered at 15 Gramercy Park South, was of particular interest to Nye, who over the years has shown a passion for developing the identity of a cultural space around its historical roots.

Nyehaus focuses on Southern California Light and Space and Assemblage artists. There is a whole generation of younger artists that have been influenced by this group and yet still the East Coast and most of Europe has almost no knowledge of these artists’ important contributions to art history. It has become the mission of Nyehaus to reverse this art historical gaff. We have curated the Rob Pruitt award winning Primary Atmospheres exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery in 2010 as well as Swell, a three gallery extravaganza on surf culture’s impact on this group of artists and vice versa that received front page New York Times coverage as well as numerous other reviews.

More recently, Nyehaus launched its most ambitious curatorial project to date, Venice in Venice which was selected by the Venice Biennale as one of its Collateral Events where we transported a group of revolutionary artists from the 1960s in Venice, California to the city of Venice, Italy for the 54th International Venice Biennale. The Getty endorsed the exhibition as a celebration of Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980, using it as their launch vehicle for their ambitious effort to bring California art to over 60 institutions in and around Los Angeles.

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