Lemon Yellow, Dodecagon Series (PTG 0082), 1969, Moulded Polyester Resin and Fiberglass, 50.5 x 132 inches



Ronald Davis

Since the late 1960s, Ronald Davis has been an important figure in the world of abstract art. Using a painting style characterized as incorporating the freedom of Jackson Pollock, the spatial perspective of the Renaissance, and the precision of Piet Mondrian, Davis became know for his illusionary qualities which were previously missing within abstract art. Employing new technologies of the time, Davis became a master of geometric perspective, paint handling, color, and space. His style evolved from hard-edged, optical paintings to geometric, illusionistic paintings using polyester resin and fiberglass. He later explored sound sculpture, silkscreening, lithography, etching, papermaking, a return to acrylic painting, and computer-based painting. After creating a series of sculptures based on Navajo dwellings, Davis ultimately settled in Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico. 


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